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It is so very obvious from the first note of this seasoned songwriter’s work who Dave’s influences were. From Buddy Holly, the Beatles, Paul Simon, Don McLean to later day hero’s like Delamitri and Van Morrison his music embraces them all.

Hooky melodies mixed with infectious rhythm and rhyme give the listener an unpredictable but very enjoyable audio journey through his music. From the pop / reggae, to heart wrenching big ballad his albums gives there musical all. Comparisons with, Van Morrison, Robert Palmer, Jerry Rafferty, Paul McCartney etc. would be to obvious, Dave has his own style but if you need any clues as to what Dave sounds like then these luminaries will do for a start.

Dave’s sincere and honest approach to his music with the invaluable help of Mike Shipway, his long suffering friend and Swindon’s version of George Martin as co producer give him an as yet undiscovered global potential. Check out the mp3‘s on this site and to discover more please go to Dave's Web Site by Clicking Here.

Dave was invited to participate on the BBC Radio 2 Claudia Winkleman show Friday 26th September 2008. The programme included an interview and some live acoustic tracks. Click here for a free copy of Dave's single Willing And Able Here's a review of the album by Flicky Harrison of the Swindon Advertiser:

The CD rocks off with the title track Willing And Able, a country song with an easy melody and some pretty guitar. The backing sound is Shadows-esque, only in a swing-along, almost western style. It is a jaunty tune on a rich embroidered cloth of golden guitar. On a completely different note is the track Anonymous, a slower tempo with a close harmony choir that gives it a west coast Beach Boys meets Mammas and Pappas feel.

The track called Obvious on the other hand has an hypnotic beat, a sing-a-long song with lilting harmonies and a simple melody and tinkling keyboards. I Suppose has some great sax which gives the smoky backroom jazz club feel. How Was I To Know has some staunch rock ‘n’ roll guitar, and I Know has a bouncy drums lead with a head nodding catchy chorus.

Together has a gospel feel to it and Time And Tide is a wistful little tune. It has a retrospect feel to the lyrics and some plummy yummy guitar. Cloudburst again showcases the lush guitar. The album has a warm and familiar feel yet it is all new. It is a collection of songs that give you a cuddle and make you feel good.